The Bridge-To-Design Program is a full-time accredited ESL program created for students who want to improve their English proficiency and develop their art and design skills before attending one of RIA's Partner Universities. Through the Program, students have access to a unique art and design curriculum offered by RISD|CE and created exclusively for RIA. The Program offers Conditional Admission to a range of undergraduate and graduate programs offered by RIA's Partner Art & Design schools.


Program Length: 1 Year (3 Terms)
ESL & Test Prep Classes: Accredited ESL Classes by RIA
Art & Design Foundation Curriculum: Classes Provided by RISD|CE Age Requirement: 18+ Years
Minimum TOEFL Score: None*
Certificate: Certificates from RIA ELI and RISD|CE
I-20 Issuer: RIA


*The Bridge-to-Design Program is open to students at every English level, from beginner through advanced. More advanced students may be able to complete the program in less than 3 terms. Beginner students may require additional terms.